Chess Collectors and Serious Chess Players have taken the game of chess to entirely new levels. Chess collecting of intricate chessboards and pieces made from all over the world, hold an honored spot in the history of the game. Much like other games of concentration, skill and rules, Chess is a game that captures the imaginations of its players and connects them to that history.


Collecting Chess

Chess has come a long way through history as one of the most played board games. The game has been known as a pastime enjoyment over the years. While humans continue to evolve and change, the interest in chess as a game is slightly diminishing. The game still offers the same level of complexity and tactfulness that it has been offering throughout the last many years, but as the interest in the game plunges, people have started to realize the importance of a chess set as a decorative piece.


Calling chess as the most loved and frequently played board game of human history would be an understatement of sorts. The game has been host to some of the most brilliant tactful plans for ages. Chess, having been such a success, has now found its calling as something other than just a board game.


The chess set is now in high demand as a decorative item. The demise of chest from the routine of our family activities is very imminent. The faltering interest has meant that we have now started to value the aesthetic beauty of the chess set. The set which serves as a beautiful way to reminisce about the royal history that chess has enjoyed is also a very good way to impress people that visit your place, by placing it in the living room.


A collection of chess sets can reach out to the viewer in the most captivating manner. While chess for ages has been considered just a pastime, the captivating design of the chess set is something that is much underrated. The design defies the audacity of the changing times and sticks by us just like the memories of the beautiful game itself. Being designed in a way to garner as much attention as possible, the chess board with its contents is an interesting addition to the living room.


The chest set, itself, is meant to arouse as much attention as possible. The castle covering the vertical and horizontal sides, the Queen spreading across all possible angles, the horse jumping over the pawns on a board is a marvel in its own self.


While being attractive decorative pieces, chess sets cannot be used as proper antiques. Antiques are items that solely cover the aspect of being from the realms of history. Chess is distributed throughout the history of mankind, and no single era can claim to be associated with the brilliance of the game itself. Ever since the beginning of the game, every era that was host to the prowess of the game has managed to reach out to it in a better way than the previous era.


Thus, it is imperative to note that chess is not the child of any particular era, so to use it as an antique would be inadequate. Furthermore, it is difficult to ascertain the era that the chess set belongs to just by having a look at it. Chess sets have been very similar since day one and it’s hard to differentiate between the eras. The contrasting styles though, do present the notion that many antique sets are being sold by vendors at reasonable prices. While the game, the concepts, and the styles have been the same, the different pieces in chest sets have evolved and some very lavish pieces from the rich past can be obtained.


Considering the increasing scope of the online market, many chess sets are available through online retailers like e-Bay and Amazon. While the packages give the customers a chance to experience the variety of innovations whilst being in their home, there are some things that should be accounted for before making a purchase:

  • Do not go for products made in China: The chess sets made by Chinese vendors are not only questionable in regards to the quality, but also lack the basic attraction that they show through the pictures. One basic rule to follow here is to never buy an item which is listed at the same time by 3 or more vendors. Chances are that the purchase you make will be regretful as it ia common item and can easily be found by many, rendering it of very little value as a collectible.
  • Be very paranoid: While making the purchase for a chess set, it is advised to be as paranoid as possible. Do not shy away from questions like “Is this pure ivory?” “Is this set complete?” Furthermore, you have to believe that all chess sets offered for collection might have a fault, and you have to find that fault. This way, you will be able to locate very minor damages as well and will be saved from the complications of a failed purchase.
  • Give it time: If you feel like buying a lower end set from the past, then you will be better off waiting for the best purchase rather than sealing the deal on a hurried basis. In any case, it is advised that you not buy any piece that is damaged even if it is being sold very cheap. It is best to wait, as you might end up getting the perfect buy within your price range sooner or later (Most probably sooner).


The chess set has become encrypted in our minds in such a way, that it has now become widely accepted as the symbol of the brilliant game. The chest set has evolved through history, and all the historical collections till today offer great potential as decorative pieces and collectibles.